Keller Williams Realty was founded in 1983 and today has over 180,000 agents in more than 800 offices located around the world. As the largest single real estate franchise in the world, KW has flourished by providing the best real estate business model, top training and education, cutting-edge technology and a family-like culture that makes all agents feel welcome.

The Best Real Estate Business Model

To maximize personal productivity and company profits, the Keller Williams Realty interdependent real estate business model allows agents and brokers to work together as a team. The Keller Williams difference outshines the competition in the areas of culture, training/education, profit sharing and technology. More on the KW business model in a minute. First, see the competing models.

keller williams business model

Competing Real Estate Business Models

Most real estate companies operate on either a dependent or independent model. Broker-centric real estate business models are built around the success of the brokerage, not the agent. In other words, they are more concerned about their own business, not yours, the agent.

The Dependent Real Estate Business Model

The dependent real estate business model is the most common type of brokerage. They advertise on TV, radio, internet, and other mediums. Their goal is to either recruit you (to be an agent in their office) or attract you to buy/sell real estate. They are in the real estate business, competing for business against agents. This can be seen more as a job, not a career.

The Independent Real Estate Business Model

The independent real estate business model allows the agent to keep more commission dollars. Agents have a landlord/tenant relationship with their company and receive very limited corporate support. These are your 100% companies where you keep all of your generated commission (minus a transaction fee), but you better know what you’re doing, as you won’t get any support, technology or training.

Interdependent Real Estate Business Model – It’s Your Real Estate Business

With the Keller Williams Realty interdependent real estate business model, both agent and broker succeed through teamwork, encouraging best practices with each other and rewarding associates who help grow the company.

In other words, Keller Williams isn’t in the real estate business. Our agents are. KW is in the real estate career business. It’s an agent-centric business model that puts the agent as the broker’s consumer, not the home buyer.

These philosophies have fueled the consistent growth of Keller Williams Realty, moving past older, more established companies to claim the #1 spot in the real estate industry.

If you are serious about building your career in real estate, you have to take a hard look at Keller Williams. Take a few minutes to fill out our real estate career form and one of our KW career consultants will be in touch to share more on why being with the brokerage that provides the best real estate business model is the smartest option for you, your clients and your family.