In today’s tough real estate market, Keller Williams is proving to be the leading real estate company when it comes to providing the essential ingredients to building a successful career as a Realtor.  So, what makes KW different from other brokerages?

It’s Your Real Estate Business

The main difference that has KW growing while the majority of other brokers are shutting their doors is their ability to master the market of the moment. Instead of concentrating on building the brand of the broker with advertisements that cost millions of dollars (which is the business model of a traditional company), Keller Williams focuses on building the brand of the agent.  According to a NAR (National Association of Realtors) statistic, one of the last reasons why people are choosing a real estate agent is because of the company they work for; they choose them because of the knowledge they provide and the relationship they build.  Keller Williams, the leading real estate company in education, training, technology and support, doesn’t spend any money promoting their brand because the agent’s brand is the relationship that matters.

How’s The Competition Doing?

One of the easiest ways to see which brokerage to build your real estate career with is to how the entire company is doing financially. Realogy, the company that owns some of the largest brands in the industry, reported a net loss of $99M in 2010 and a $237M net loss in the first quarter of 2011. Meanwhile, Keller Williams is still the only debt free franchise of the large brokerages in the US. In addition to being 100% financially sound, KW gave back $34M and $5M in the same time periods in profit sharing to the associates that helped grow the company. Simply looking at the numbers alone, you can see the leading real estate company is Keller Williams because they are thriving in all markets!

You have a choice where you build your career; make the right choice by going with a company that is invested in helping you build a successful business.  Keller Williams is the leading real estate company in the industry when it comes to thriving in any economy; come see why it’s where you need to be.