Keller Williams is the #1 real estate franchise in the world.The big announcement so far for the 2015 Keller Williams Family Reunion is KW being named the #1 real estate franchise in the world for agent count. Congrats to all our associates and leadership who have worked tirelessly to make Keller Williams not just #1 in total agents, but also the #1 place to build a real estate career.

Why More Real Estate Agents Choose Keller Williams

More real estate professionals are choosing to align their businesses with KW because of the agent-centric approach. Gone are the days of ‘get out there, I hope you make it!’ These types of models are diminishing because more and more agents are realizing they are the reason the broker is in business, not the other way around. Keller Williams empowers agents to build their own businesses, provides the best training in the real estate industry and allowing associates to take home more money than other brokerages due to the cap on commissions.

The Keller Williams Business Model

KW Business Model is the best in the industry.Another reason KW agents are seeing such success is because of the business model. Ten years ago Gary Keller and Jay Papasan collaborated to put together a real estate model that follows the habits of successful agents from all over the country. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent business model has been around 10 years and has contributed to more successes in the industry by being a model that fluctuates with the economy and allows agents to master the market of the moment. Systematically grow your real estate business by simply following the Keller Williams real estate business model.

The Culture Of Keller Williams

Do you have the KW culture?Working in a company that has a collaborative culture of agents helping agents is the glue that holds Keller Williams together. You don’t hear,’I figured it out, go figure it out yourself.’ We treat all agents as family. We share secrets, ideas and strategies. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. You don’t just get help from the people around you, but all 112,000 around the world! So if you’re looking for a real estate company that truly cares more about you than they do about generating income, then you are a perfect match for Keller Williams. As more exciting news comes in from Family Reunion, the top news is still going to be being named the #1 real estate franchise in the world! Enjoy the moment, but know it’s all about being the #1 place to build a successful real estate business. If you’re looking to start a new career or want to make the switch to the company that will empower your success, contact us today to get started!