Commercial real estate careers are as rewarding as any career in real estate. Real estate agents who specialize in buying and selling commercial properties spend a lot of time researching aspects of a market that residential real estate agents don’t care about – or only have an ancillary interest in. For instance, some real estate jobs require that the agent keep a close eye on developments within a particular sector. Restaurants, for instance. It’s a highly competitive field and the real estate agent who knows what types of restaurants exist in an area, how long they’ve been there, which properties have been vacated multiple times over a certain period, etc. can help their clients better than the agent who just shows up, looks at the property, and tries to close the sale. Research is key.

Your Commercial Real Estate Career Support Team

To succeed in commercial real estate you have a have a good team. It helps to be knowledgeable of your area and the niche within which you work (if you specialize in a certain type of commercial properties), but you also need a solid team behind you. KW Commercial is your team. Keller Williams will give you ongoing training to ensure you keep your sales skills and real estate knowledge up to date. Plus, they’ll challenge you to improve yourself and reward you handsomely when you do. If you’re looking for a fun and lucrative career in real estate, try commercial real estate. You’ll be glad you did.