With over 70,000 commercial agents serving the business needs of thousands of clients, there is no doubt that KW Commercial is at the top of commercial real estate in the entire industry. The commercial portion of Keller Williams has their headquarters in Austin, Texas. However, it has branches all over the United States and Canada.

This means that no matter what your commercial needs are, KW Commercial will be able to assist in finding the real estate you need or selling the commercial real estate you have.

Find Out What KW Commercial Has to Offer You

As a KW Commercial agent, you will follow the same mission and belief system of other Keller Williams real estate agents. However, the focus of your real estate career will be centered around business properties and helping business clients. With this difference you will also have to be willing to understand the other aspects that impact those buying or selling commercial property.

Some of this includes:

  • Zoning laws
  • Business taxes and acquisition
  • Lease and renters agreements
  • Other information pertinent to commercial property purchase

KW Commercial Coaching And Training

When you join the Keller Williams commercial branch you will be supplied with the coaching and training you need in order to be successful as a KW Commercial agent. No matter where your real estate career takes you, Keller Williams Realty will be with you each step of the way providing guidance and assistance to ensure you achieve real estate success.

The KW Commercial branch of Keller Williams Realty is growing with as much gusto as other divisions in the company. This means you can easily find success in this field of real estate when you join the winning team of KW Realty.