Everywhere you go, you see advertisements for real estate companies; on TV, billboards, radio and print.  When choosing a real estate agent, who do clients really go with; the agent or the company? The answer comes as no surprise; people will choose the agent 4-out-of-5 times over the company.

Why Do Real Estate Brokers Advertise?

When choosing a real estate agent,  people will choose to work with you because of the knowledge you possess and the relationship you build. The only reason you see an advertisement from a real estate broker is to help build THEIR brand.  Keller Williams understands that YOU are the reason they are in business, therefore, the brand building should be centered around you.  Instead of spending millions of dollars trying to promote the company brand, KW puts their resources into training, education technology and support so their agents will always have the best tools to build a solid real estate career in any market. See why focusing on the agent’s business is more important than building the broker’s brand and why choosing a real estate agent is all about what you have to offer.