The Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council makes the decisions of the office, not the owners.The Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council runs market centers around the world, not the owners. It may sound surprising that the people with the financial responsibility of an office would turn over all the decisions of the company to the agents. When your business relies on agent success, it makes perfect sense.

The Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council

The ALC (Agent Leadership Council) is made up of the top 20% of agents in each office. They are like a board of directors for the KW market center. ALC members are in place to help the real estate office run more profitably and efficiently. They are also the agents who teach the training classes and make themselves available to help newer agents. Need a question answered, turn to an on-call ALC member. Real estate is a local business. It doesn’t make sense for all decisions to be made from a corporate office. Each office is in full control to handle business their own way. When top agents are succeeding, they share their ideas, secrets and strategies. The end result, newer agents get into production faster. When there is little to no ‘trial and error’, agents can just plug in to the current model.

Real Estate Business Model – Always Changing

The real estate market will always be moving up, down and sideways. You have to adjust your business to match the market of the moment. With the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council in place, you get top-notch training and the support from a staff that only cares about helping grow your business to the highest level. Bottom line, this is your career and you have a say in how the company is run. Our Agent Leadership Council (Keller Williams ALC) consists of the top agents in each market center that vote on how the office is to be run. The goal is to create a more profitable company where the agents have control in the direction the company is headed. Who’s running Keller Williams?  You, along with the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council