Having nearly 80,000 agents in North America speaks volumes about Keller Williams’ draw and appeal. Understanding this phenomenon lies in looking into KW culture and how it affects agents, clients and the community. KW Realty does not have to recruit new agents because the mission statement speaks for itself and draws thousands of people to the family each year.  This extraordinary real estate company’s goal is to create “Careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.”

What is Behind KW Culture

Keller Williams’ creators believed that if they supported and offered opportunities for their agents, the agents would build the company beyond all expectations. How true this has become. Although wealth is a by-product of the company, they believe that it is truly about being the best you can be. This means offering their agents superior coaching and training, innovative technology and unprecedented profit-sharing opportunities.

However, KW culture is not only about the agents. It is also about making a positive impact on the community in which they reside. This is most actively seen with KW Cares, a charity created and supported by the KW family. This program was designed to reach out and help people in times of extreme hardship.

Changing lives and creating positive forces in communities worldwide are just a few things that Keller Williams Realty is known for. When you choose KW Realty for your real estate career, you are ensured success with a supportive team of caring agents that are invested in each other, the company and their community.