Keller Williams is an open books company.Keller Williams Realty is an ‘open books’ company, allowing all associates to access their market center’s financials to see firsthand how the company is performing. Brokers and agents are partners in business, which allows everyone to work together to maximize financial success. At Keller Williams Realty, you have many different ways to build wealth; our goal is agents helping agents and everyone can share in the rewards of success.

 Accountability With No Secrets

Since all agents at Keller Williams Realty have the opportunity to profit share, making sure the company is doing all it can to be remain profitable is extremely important.  The Agent Leadership Council is responsible for holding the owners and management staff accountable for staying within budget. This keeps everyone on task and has allowed KW to be the only large franchise in the US that is 100% debt free. Join the company that cares about your real estate business today!