WI4C2TS. To others this may seem like a jumble of letters and numbers; however, for a Keller Williams Realty agent, this term represents the foundation and belief system that the entire company was built upon.

  • Win-Win: Or no deal
  • Integrity: Do the right thing
  • 4C: Commitment in all things; Communication: Seek first to understand; Creativity: Ideas before results; Customers: Always come first
  • 2T: Teamwork: Together everyone achieves more; Trust: Starts with honesty
  • Success: Results through people

Understanding the Keller Williams belief system is the first step in finding success in your real estate career.

Why the Keller Williams Belief System is so Important

The Keller Williams belief system represents the very best that Keller Williams culture has to offer. It explains that listening and communicating with clients and other agents is essential for achieving satisfied customers. Additionally, if all parties do not benefit from the transaction, it is not considered a successful sale. Being honest and having integrity are crucial traits you must possess to make it in this company.

However, if you are willing to implement this belief system in the way you do business, you will have support and guidance to find success in your real estate career. The mission of KW Realty says it all “To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.” However, without clients, your career would quickly come to an end. Therefore, ensuring they are taken care of and pleased with the transaction every step of the way is an equally important part of the Keller Williams belief system.