Real estate agents make their living one transaction at a time. But they can’t make their living without a broker. Good agents know that a broker can make or break their business and their life. That’s why Keller Williams Realty is the best choice for brokers. Here are 5 solid reasons why should consider a real estate career with Keller Williams Realty.

Reasons To Join The Fastest Growing Real Estate Company In The US

  1. Favorable Commissions – Where else can you go for a 70/30 split on commissions? There are no hidden broker fees and overrides and draws, etc. Once you reach your maximum commission cap, then you get 100% of what you earn for the rest of the year.
  2. Advantageous Business Model – Without real estate agents, a brokerage can’t stay in business. Rather, it can’t grow past the one person operation. Gary Keller understood that. If you want to join a winning team, one that focuses on building the real estate career of the agent rather than the broker, then Keller Williams Realty is the perfect company.
  3. Ongoing Real Estate Training – Every real estate agent needs training. With Keller Williams, you get the best training all the time. You get the latest up-to-date real estate sales techniques and tools to help you succeed. The Keller Williams training program is geared toward getting you to the next level of your Millionaire Real Estate business.
  4. Keller Williams Culture – Every business has a culture. Every brokerage has a culture. Keller Williams goes out of the way to make every agent in the office feel special. That’s why every agent earns the same commission. KW also has a profit sharing program because if one agent succeeds, then they all succeed.
  5. Profit Sharing – Unless you want to sell real estate when you are old and grey, you need a retirement plan. Keller Williams Realty builds your retirement plan right into the business structure with the only profit sharing program in the real estate industry.

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