If you’re looking to become a real estate agent, it may come as a surprise to learn that today’s housing market is not only stabilizing after its recent downturn, but is actually growing by leaps and bounds. Every month in 2012 has shown a marked increase in real estate revenues over 2011, and some areas of the country are actually facing an excess of demand relative to supply, with not enough real estate to meet the needs of a quickly-growing pool of serious buyers. This growth in the housing sector after a period of contraction means one thing: Jobs. Well-trained agents ready to step in and meet the expanding needs of buyers and sellers are needed, and they are needed now. This is the time to become a real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Job Outlook

In 2010, the median income for real estate agents in the United States was $20.52 per hour, with the top ten-percent of earners making six-figure salaries. The field was lucrative even then, and has grown increasingly lucrative as the housing sector has become more robust.

So How Can You Become A Real Estate Agent?

Requirements and fees vary by state, but all states have minimum age and education requirements, requisite licensure training at a real estate school or college averaging around 60 hours, and a state-administered exam. Upon licensure, a Realtor is qualified to do business in the licensing state, usually as an independent contractor with an existing firm. But basic qualification isn’t enough to ensure success. Many firm environments are sink-or-swim, with new agents facing the daunting task of mastering a new field unaided by post-licensure training or the camaraderie of more experienced agents. That’s what sets Keller Williams apart.

The Keller Williams Difference

Don’t survive, Thrive. When you join Keller Williams Realty, you are joining a community of mutual support and ongoing education. Becoming part of the Keller Williams family means having access to the countless course offerings of Keller Williams University and to on-demand training through KW Connect. Ongoing education takes up where bare bones licensing training leaves off, giving you the skills you need for effective leads generation and marketing, both critical for a successful real estate business. New agents can also take advantage of Ignite, a real estate training system that helps agents think strategically about how to take their business to the next level. Keller Williams agents are among the most successful agents in business today. With a rock-solid business model that values ongoing education and broker-salesperson interdependence above all, Keller Williams makes real estate a career worth having. Become a real estate agent and join the Keller Williams family today!