Are you interested in how to become a successful real estate agent? It’s one of the most lucrative industries, allowing Realtors® across the country the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to be their own boss, set their own schedules and make a great living. So what makes a successful real estate agent? For starters, it’s not rocket science, so don’t let what you hear about how difficult it is discourage you. If you receive proper training from a top real estate firm, follow a proven business model and are consistent in your efforts, you can achieve any level of success you desire.

Steps To Becoming A Real Estate Agent

The first step is to get your license. There are many schools to choose from, so make sure you are getting the best deal. Some states even offer online real estate courses, which are a great alternative to sitting in a classroom for a month. Once you obtain your license, you need to find a sponsoring broker to work with; please know that not all brokers are alike. Many of the traditional companies are either very independent or very dependent in how they run their businesses. In the independent business model, the broker’s main goal is to recruit agents to their office, leaving very little time for training and education; think sink or swim. The dependent model is more consistent with the agent being an employee; monthly quotas, required attendance, etc. This model takes away from the agent running their own business and being their own boss. Plus, you never really learn the business because you are relying on someone else to generate leads for you. The ideal model to follow that will teach you how to become a successful real estate agent will come from the broker with the interdependent business model. Keller Williams Realty offers you the freedom of running your own business, combining excellent training and education that puts you on the path to success. This business model will thrive in any economy; a recession, depression, boom, etc. The real estate training at KW covers the basics of lead generation (meeting people on a consistent basis), consistent follow-up, business and time management, along with up-to-date information on the current market. It’s a simple equation; the more people you talk with, the more opportunities you will have to gain business. The National Association of Realtors reports that close to 67% of people looking to buy or sell will choose the very first agent they meet to help them with the sale or purchase of their home. The odds are in favor of the agent getting business if they continue to follow up and stay in touch with the people that they meet. Building trust with clients does take time and not every client is looking to buy a house tomorrow, so success in this industry is normally not seen overnight. Putting in the necessary time and commitment, combined with great support and education from a reputable broker will give you the best opportunity and show you how to become a successful real estate agent.