If you are new to the industry or restarting your business, chances are you a probably searching the Internet to find the best real estate company to work for; Keller Williams Realty is the place to grow your career and here are the top reasons.

A Proven Real Estate Business Plan

As the recession continues, many agents struggling to reach their goals are wondering why they aren’t having the success they did during the boom years; it comes down to the Keller Williams business model. Traditional companies are more focused on building the business of the broker, not the agent. You can tell this by the amount of advertisements you see plastered all across television, radio and on billboards. Less than two percent of buyers/sellers choose an agent for the company they work for; they choose an agent because of the knowledge they have and the relationship they build. Instead of putting our money into advertising and self promotion, Keller Williams puts the focus on real estate training, superior support and state-of-the-art technology so associates have the best tools to run their business and build their brand in any economy.

Broker Support From Staff And Fellow Agents

The real estate agent support system at Keller Williams is more than just one dimension. The great thing about being an agent at KW is always having your team leader/broker available to answer questions and provide guidance since they are not out competing against you for business. We see this as a conflict of interest and therefore prohibit our office leaders from practicing real estate; they are there to help you with questions or concerns and be a mentor at all times. You can also count on your fellow associates for support; since Keller Williams is a profit sharing company, all agents have a vested interest to help other agents in their office. By coming from contribution and caring about the success of those around us, KW easily becomes the best real estate company to work for because of the people involved. All agents have the opportunity to share in the profits of the office, putting them on the same side of the table as the owners; when agents are part of the company, they are more inclined to help those in it prosper.

KW Technology

Real estate technology has come a long way in just the last few years. More than 90% of people buying and selling real estate being their search online. By putting technology at the forefront of our research, we are able to keep our agents one step ahead of the competition and help them run more efficiently. The introduction of eEdge a few months ago has had a huge impact. eEdge is the first and only lead-to-close contact management system for agents that is 100% paperless; all Keller Williams agents now have the best technology to capture leads and convert them to sales with ease. With so many real estate companies struggling to stay afloat in this current market, you need to take into consideration that Keller Williams is the only franchise that has seen positive growth in agent count and offices since 2005. This, combined with the training, support, technology and much more, make KW the best real estate company to work for in all of North America!