BOLD, the Keller Williams coaching program, is a life-changing educational opportunity for KW agents. They have access to unprecedented techniques, which were developed by Dianna Kokoszka, who is the president of MAPS coaching. This unprecedented program includes insights into the the mindset, skills and scripts that have propelled Kokoszka’s own million-dollar real estate career. This is your opportunity as a Keller Williams real estate agent to have access to tools that can help propel your own real estate career to success.

The BOLD Coaching Program

BOLD is comprised of seven weeks of powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, business-building strategies and live lead generation activities. Over seven weeks, you will condition yourself to adopt the mindset and the activities that allow you to cut through the clutter and head straight for your dreams. You will stop living a life by default and step up to a life by design.

When you attend BOLD training you will receive the following benefits:

  • Ability to overcome any limiting beliefs that have held you back from success
  • Teach you to set BOLD-inspired goals
  • Learn the skill of script building to encourage and influence people to work with you
  • Create an abundance of leads to accelerate your profit making potential
  • Incorporate time-saving strategies and techniques that will take your business to the highest levels
  • Teach you to live a life by design, not default

The teachings of the BOLD training you will receive will help you find success. There is no better opportunity for you to learn from the top in the industry than the Keller Williams coaching programs that are offered. Join this leading team of successful agents today and see where your real estate career can go.