In the final episode of Keller Williams BOLD Revolution, we find out how our four KW associates have done during this intense training program.  Did they reach their goals?  Keller Williams BOLD not only allows agents to achieve success in their real estate careers, but in their personal lives as well.  Take a look at this graduating class and their favorite BOLD Laws.

“Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides.”
“A life by design, not by default.”
“What you focus on expands.”
“Your business grows to the extent that you do.”

UPDATE: Since taking Keller Williams BOLD training, all the associates have achieved greater success in their real estate careers. The market may be struggling, but with the mindset and habits Keller Williams BOLD teaches, they, as well as other KW associates have seen an increase in earnings and quality of life.

Since 2005, Keller Williams agents, on average, have increased their GCI (Gross Commission Income) by 11%! If that doesn’t show that the real estate training at Keller Williams makes the difference, nothing will! Join us today!