Learn how to follow the Millionaire Real Estate Agent model to succeed as a buyer's agent.The key to growing a successful high producing buyers business is to recruit specialists who are aggressive go-getters and are willing to work their tails off to help you succeed.

That’s what Josh Anderson of the The Anderson Group learned. He grew a successful buyers group by focusing on the Organizational Model detailed in the book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

The specialists Anderson recruited for his business include:

  • A lead buyers agent
  • Showing specialist
  • Lead coordinator
  • Two open house specialists
  • And a transaction coordinator

Each specialist works on their one key thing to produce a business that is productive, efficient, and highly successful. When one member of the team succeeds, they all succeed.

How The Organizational Model Works

Each specialist on the team focuses on a single function that depends on the single function of another person on the team. For instance, the lead coordinator processes leads and sets appointments with pre-qualified buyers. She makes 50-100 contacts per day. This allows everyone else on the team to focus on what they do best. Her role includes feeding the leads to the lead buyers agent once appointments have been set. The lead buyers agent conducts buyer consultations and negotiates offers. Then she writes the offers and processes them.

This business model frees up your time to work on growing the business.

Gary Keller says,

It is a mathematical certainty that it is going to put people in their right income earning potential.

The biggest challenge to making this business model work is figuring out the details and packaging it properly. Once you do that, it is very efficient.

Here’s Another Organization Model Success Story

Carissa Acker is another real estate agent who has built a successful lead buyers team. She had been specializing in REOs when that market dried up. She decided to change her business strategy and pursued a lead buyers team.

She has 4 full-time buyers agents and a part-time buyers agent. All of them are very productive. Each buyers agent handles leads as they come in in a round-robin fashion. She makes her buyers agents feel like business partners, and everyone is making more money.

The key to building a successful buyers business is to set goals and work toward a worthwhile dream. Learn more on how you can launch your real estate career with the help of Keller Williams Realty’s systems and models.