Keller Williams training teaches you how to develop the skills needed to be a top producing agent. Coaching teaches you to develop a sustainable top producing business within Keller Williams. Both of these tools will teach you how to become a top listing agent with KW Realty. The MAPS program is one of the programs at the forefront of superior coaching that Keller Williams has to offer.

How to Become a Top Listing Agent With Various Coaching Programs

Some of the options for coaching that is unmatched in the field include:

  • One On One Coaching – Learn to “Think a Million, Earn a Million, Net A Million and Receive a Million”
  • Mastery Coaching – Personalized coaching, business planning and high level accountability skills.
  • Breakthrough Coaching – Personalized bi-weekly training, which is the prequel to Mastery Training
  • Group Coaching Sessions– Programs on numerous topics like blogging, social media and the eEdge Contact Management System, which is innovative technology offered only to KW agents.
  • BOLD – Learn to develop the mindset, language and business building strategies of top producers. You are not on your own with KW Realty.

Each of these offers a unique way for agents to grow and develop their real estate career. Climbing the agent mountain is a team effort with Keller Williams Realty. Being part of the family means that you have a dedicated team of people behind you who are truly invested in your success in the field. Learning how to become a top listing agent is as simple as utilizing the training and coaching that is offered at Keller Williams Realty.