Profit sharing is just one of the many ways that Keller Williams Realty is helping their agents in increasing real estate sales. While many real estate agencies focus only on the actual buying, renting and selling of properties, with KW you have access to a much easier way to increase revenue — profit sharing. It is a truly innovative concept that has helped to attract some of the best agents in the business to Keller Williams Realty.

Increasing Real Estate Sales with Profit Sharing

Real estate sales are fickle and can change with the fluctuating economy. However, Keller Williams Realty has aided their agents in making sales and building wealth even during the most trying economic times. Profit sharing is a program in which approximately 50 percent of every market center’s profits every month are returned to those who have contributed to a market center’s growth by attracting productive associates to the office.

By attracting new associates, the entire office benefits with more sales and more accounts, which equals bigger profits. This program helps stay true to the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders in the success of the business. Profit sharing, along with superior coaching, training and technology, are some of the most prominent reasons that Keller Williams is at the top in the real estate industry. Increasing real estate sales is a goal each agent has when they enter the field, and those who choose Keller Williams as a partner for success have access to the tools that will help them reach and exceed this goal.