Keller Williams Realty has grown to be the largest real estate company in the world by focusing on one thing: the agent. The Keller Williams business model is intrinsically agent-centric, which is what makes it so successful. All the attention is put on the associates versus believing the company is the brand. In what ways is the Keller Williams business model agent-centric? Take a look at these core building blocks that KW provides.

The Keller Williams Business Model – Interdependent Model

Keller Williams has an interdependent business model. The Keller Williams business model is not the same as other real estate brokerages. On the contrary, it’s 100% unique from traditional real estate companies. Instead of focusing on building the brand of the broker, the focus is shifted to concentrate on the agent’s business. This interdependent business model opens up the company to be driven by the agents and allows the staff to stay up-to-date with training, coaching, technology and the current market. With an economy that is constantly shifting, what do you need more than anything? A broker that is only concerned with growing their business/stock price? Or a company that stands behind you, making sure you have the tools to run a successful business in any market? Of course you are going to pick the one that supports you.

How Keller Williams Built An Agent-Centric Culture

Keller Williams Realty has built its business on the backs of agents helping agents. Here are four ways Keller Williams real estate agents are encouraged to help each other succeed:
  • RED Day – An annual opportunity for real estate agents to give back to their communities. We give where we live! Each year, hundreds of thousands of hours are given back to the communities in which we serve.
  • KW Wellness Program – Keller Williams offers a health coverage plan for all of its associates. Check the Health Plan to find a better rate than you can find elsewhere.
  • KW Cares – A social service organization designed to help Keller Williams associates in time of need. When one of us needs help, KW Cares is there to assist.
  • Agent Leadership Council – Keller Williams agents have an opportunity to directly affect how their local real estate offices operate. The ALC runs the office, not the owners. This embodies the statement that KW is truly run by the associates.

Keller Williams Training – Voted Best In Real Estate Industry

Keller Williams Ignite real estate training. Keller Williams real estate agents have access to the best real estate training program in the industry. Training Magazine retired KW as the top real estate training company! Programs such as Ignite, KW Connect, Keller Williams University (KWU), and MAPS Coaching  keep KW agents trained in sales, customer service, and all aspects of running a real estate business. Just as the market never stops changing, the training never stops adjusting to fit the market of the moment. Our agents learn to thrive in all stages of the economy/market.

Keller Williams Profit Share – Incentive To Help Each Other

Keller Williams profit share. In addition, Keller Williams real estate agents have the best profit sharing plan in the industry. Since the beginning of Keller Williams profit share (1997), owners have shared more than $1.2 billion back with the associates that helped grow the company. With office profitability being at an all-time high (99%), the sharing of profits will not only keep growing, but also solidify the culture where agents help agents even more. The more we help our fellow agents, the more success we have as a team. Together everyone achieves more. Overall, the agent-centric approach to running Keller Williams is making it all about the agent. The agent is the reason people do business, not the real estate company they work with. The model of putting agents first is what has made Keller Williams the #1 real estate company in the world. With the only proven business model that works in any economy, you have the best opportunity to succeed as a real estate agent with KW. Learn more about taking your real estate career to the highest level with Keller Williams Realty today.