With the introduction of the Ignite course to Keller Williams University came a spark of energetic productivity that is driving agents towards success. The main objective of this course is to propel agents into immediate productivity. Keller Williams Ignite is an accumulation of the skills, tools and knowledge agents need to truly have successful real estate careers.

The Foundation of Keller Williams Ignite

To achieve the goal of immediate productivity the course contains a wealth of fundamental and foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system (MyTracker), practical job aids, and powerful scripts.  KW Ignite is still a relatively new offering from Keller Williams University and aims to help steer you on the right path in your career and your life. The program enables you to create new habits that can lead you to success, with a road map that is easy to follow.

Keller Williams Ignite is a four-week intensive course that will enable you to see ideas in action, help with positive affirmations, put models in place, practice in class, learn through technology and offers a new way of tracking your successes against others in your class, as well as from across the country.

It is a fact that the real estate industry can not be reinvented and that it is a business built on lead generation. With Keller Williams Ignite you build on the skills you have and adapt to new ways of thinking in order to reach the level you desire in your real estate career. The only person holding you back from success is yourself, so let go and let KW Realty empower you with the innovative courses, education, technology and culture they have to offer.