The concept of Keller Williams Power Hour is being offered to real estate agents by the MAPS Institute, which is part of the education and training offered by Keller Williams University. The concept behind Power Hour is simple and effective. It is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to grow your real estate career to new success.

Understanding the Keller Williams Power Hour and Reaching New Success

So what exactly is Power Hour, you may ask? Simply, it is the process of each Keller Williams Realty agent dropping everything between the hours of 9 am and 10 am each day to concentrate and focus on one solid hour of lead generation. This produces more clients, more deals, and more profits for each and every member of the family who takes advantage of the Power Hour.

This is not a trial and error process. If you follow the outline of Power Hour that has been established by Keller Williams Realty you are guaranteed more clients and higher profits. What real estate agent doesn’t want that?

With Keller Williams Realty, you are not just left on your own for your focused lead generation time. Each morning, you are provided with new scripts and motivation from the Vice President of MAPS Dianna Kokoszka. This video is offered through KW Connect the link to the latest and greatest technology offered by Keller Williams Realty.

Power Hour is when you can truly put all your skills, knowledge, and training to great use. There is no reason to waste this valuable time, when you can grow your business with a few simple phone calls and reach success you may have never dreamed about.