See if your area has a Keller Williams real estate school.One of the most common questions asked by people curious about a career in real estate is, “Is there a Keller Williams real estate school near me?” This is a tough question to answer since there are over 900 KW offices around the world. Some offices (market centers) do offer real estate classes in-house. Others are located in areas where this constitutes a conflict of interest, so they are not allowed.

What To Look For In A Real Estate School

When searching for a school to get your real estate license, make sure the school is accredited through your state. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with how the curriculum is structured.  In a nutshell, all real estate schools are going to offer the same information. The main difference is the cost associated and how the content is delivered. You are going to learn the basics of real estate; principles, contracts, agency, ethics, etc.

In all honesty, the courses you take are not going to teach you how to run a real estate business. They only cover the basics of becoming a real estate agent. The real training comes when you choose to work with a broker that shows you the proper way to run a real estate business. The Keller Williams business model is designed to show you what to do on a daily basis in your new career. Having a proven path to success versus being thrown to the wolves is what has allowed KW to continue to grow in all markets and economies.

Real Estate License Requirements

Every state is different when it comes to license requirements. For example, in Texas, you have to complete 180 classroom hours to obtain your real estate license…wow, that’s a lot!! In states like Florida and California, fewer hours are required. To make things easy, check out the real estate license requirements for your state. Verify with your state’s real estate commission in case there are any important changes.

Real Estate License Reciprocity

If you are licensed in another state, be sure to verify if your existing real estate license is reciprocal with the state you wish to be licensed. Not all states offer reciprocity and the conditions change frequently, so do your due diligence.

With real estate license reciprocity, you may not be required to take the required courses to obtain your license in the state you currently reside. It could be as simple as filling out the necessary paperwork or taking the state exam.

Classroom Courses Versus Online Real Estate Classes


Online real estate school via Real Estate Express.This tip right here can save you thousands of dollars! Since you are going to be learning the basics of real estate no matter where you take your courses, why not take them from the comfort of your own home. Sitting in traffic or sitting on your couch? In the end, do your own research and choose what you think is best.

On average, classroom courses are much more costly than online courses and they are also inconvenient. Take advantage of the advancements in technology and take your real estate courses online. Keep in mind not all of the 50 states offer online courses. For those in states that don’t offer online classes, locate your school here. You can also type the search phrases, “real estate school near me”, “keller williams real estate classes” or “realtor classes near me” to find some local classroom courses convenient to your location.

Ultimately, you need your real estate license to sell in any state. Take the advice above to learn the state license requirements and locate a real estate school that best fits your needs. Once you do obtain your real estate license, we have the Keller Williams training classes to help you build your business. Join us!