There is no doubt you expect only the best from the industry’s finest real estate company, Keller Williams Realty, and therefore it is no surprise that both the KW education and training are tailor-made for their Brokers and Associates. Keller Williams Realty Associates receive the very best in real estate education through ongoing training from Keller Williams University. Keller Williams University was developed around a learning-based belief system, which gives agents the tools and skills they need in a practical and real-life manner.

KW Education: What to Expect

There are many ways you will experience KW education when you join Keller Williams Realty. The training and coaching you receive will ensure that you find success in your real estate career. KW education provides you coaching and training through the following three programs:

  1. KWU (Keller Williams University): Established in 1996, its educational programs have been focused on increasing the personal productivity, sales skills and career development of its people year after year. KWU provides the most fundamental and time-tested principles of business, marketing and customer service have been blended with the latest in effective educational methods. It provides you with a diverse selection of courses you can take to enhance your real estate career.
  2. KW Connect: The KW connect website is a highly informative website full of instructional videos on all aspects of training and education in the real estate industry. KW Connect is KW Realty’s distance learning initiative. Here you have 24-hour access to Keller Williams Realty education. KW Connect also gives you access to other great training resources like Agent Mountain, Leadership Mountain, and My KW Connect.
  3. MAPS: It is considered to be the leading coaching program in the entire real estate industry. MAPS coaches are committed to transforming the careers of real estate professionals through a range of programs that focus on letting go of limiting beliefs and being held accountable to the actions needed to achieve goals.

When you join Keller Williams Realty you gain access to all of these educational opportunities and a supportive staff of people who want to see you succeed.