At Keller Williams Realty, the training programs and professional development have been built around you, how you live and how you learn. This has been accomplished with the unique program that makes up KWU. With the intensive education offered at KWU, you receive the very best classroom training the industry has to offer.

Additionally, the KWU faculty brings models and systems to life with practical exercises and discussions along with supplemental materials such as manuals, videos, advice and research from top agents in the industry.

How KWU Works for You

The faculty and staff at Keller Williams University believe that training is a lifelong process, not an event. As stellar practitioners of the business, the founders and leaders of Keller Williams Realty seek out faculty members who bring expertise in all aspects of the real estate business and are gifted instructors as well.
Keller Williams University has assembled relevant courses, lively events, on-demand learning, masterminding and coaching designed to give agents a definitive edge.
Programs that agents can experience first hand through KWU include:

  • Keller Williams Ignite
  • The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
  • Mega Camp
  • MAPS

The truly unique aspect of KWU is the fact that new KW training and coaching programs are being added all the time. This enables your real estate career to reach new heights and exceed any goals and expectations you have. Taking advantage of these programs gives a competitive edge that is not available anywhere else in the real estate industry. Join Keller Williams today and experience the possibilities for yourself.