Lead generation is at the very core of the real estate industry. Without leads agents and brokers have no sales, which can make their careers obsolete. With this aspect being so important, it is crucial to have excellent lead generation skills. In the past this was done through cold calling, open houses and other face-to-face methods. While these are still powerful tools to find new buyers, in recent years, having a memorable and prominent web presence can be the difference between mediocrity or excellence.

Lead Generation 101: The Power Behind KW Connect

Keller Williams offers their agents the ability to attend crash courses in lead generation 101. The programs they offer build on the skills you already possess and mix in innovative technology. The result is a super player in the field of lead generation. KW Connect takes agents step by step through the lead generation process and promises a turn-around of 36 closed transactions in 12 months with 3 hours of work a day.

Another tool that sets Keller Williams apart from the competition in lead generation is eEdge technology. The eEdge program is the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution. It includes lead management, contact management, a marketing library and a paperless transaction system.

Lead generation 101 is more than a course on how to create leads. It will teach you how to turn those leads into closed sales, which translates into profits. Knowing how to find, sell and close sales is what the real estate industry is all about. Keller Williams Realty gives you the tools and skills to do this on a daily basis and build your real estate career into a success.