In the real estate industry, most Realtors know that the lead generation systems are one of their most important marketing tools. Without leads, there are no clients, therefore it is essential for all Realtors to dedicate a significant amount of time to collecting contact information and establishing relationships with potential prospects.

There are many ways to generate leads, all of them with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Whether traditional or modern, it’s well worth your time and effort to try each one until you find the best combination that is expense-effective, time-saving and successful.

Keller Williams and Lead Generation Strategies

When you join Keller Williams Realty you will gain some insights into the game of lead generation. You will have access to education and training that is offered nowhere else. From video lessons with Gary Williams himself, to unprecedented courses such as MAPS and KW Ignite. All of these valuable resources are just another example of the KW difference that is offered to all agents who are a member of this prestigious team.

In the past, lead generation was a one pony show and was done completely through face-to-face meetings. However, with new innovations and advances, the business of lead generation has been completely transformed. While meeting face to face and cold calling prospects is still viable, the internet has become the single largest method of lead generation for today’s real estate agents. Keller Williams makes this even easier by offering each agent access to KW Connect and their own personal app that customizes all of their information and contacts in a convenient and organized manner. Lead generation has been transformed, and your career will be as well when you join Keller Williams Realty.