MAPS Coaching offers an array of customizable coaching programs, including one-on-one coaching and group coaching to KW real estate agents. Additionally, MAPS hosts productivity camps and its annual signature events, Masterminds and Mega Camp, where more than 6,000 top-producing real estate professionals gather to network and hear the latest insights, trends and skills they need to propel their careers.

What MAPS offers You

The coaches of the MAPS program are deeply passionate about coaching and dedicated to lifting up KW agents in order to grow their business and enhance their lives. The two premier coaching programs offered by MAPS are the BOLD program and Mega Camp. Even through the recent economic downturn, MAPS coaching programs saw record-breaking attendance. This is one of the contributing factors to Keller Williams Realty’s unprecedented success during this difficult time.

The KW training programs that are offered through MAPS coaching will help agents find their way to success in this ever-changing industry. When you join Keller Williams Realty you are one of the select individuals who have access to some of the best training, coaching, KW education and technology that is available. The programs that are offered teach skills such as lead generation, client satisfaction, building your career, and other important factors that are necessary for success.

All of these coaching and training programs are lead by those who have “been there and done that.” They truly know what it is like to be in the agent’s shoes and what it takes to be successful. Take advantage of this knowledge that is freely given to put your career into hyper speed.