Have you ever wanted to accelerate your real estate career, but wondered where you should begin? The MAPS program, offered by Keller Williams Realty, gives agents the ability to receive coaching from some of the leaders in the industry. Through group, individual and specialized training and coaching programs, you will learn skill-building, discipline-focused, high-accountability tools to take your real estate career to new heights.

MAPS: Be Bold

BOLD is a specialized coaching program offered through MAPS that teaches agents to live a life by design, not default. With the combination of leadership training, experience and technology the program enables you to learn and utilize the essential tools for your real estate career to reach new heights.

BOLD Leader: The leadership coaching encompasses three sessions, which teach you how to unleash your abilities to maximize your results, get results through communication and ultimately be a distinctive leader and learn how to build leaders around you.

BOLD Experience: Learn from one of the best in this seven-week program. You will learn from the scripts written by a million-dollar real estate agent, Dianna Kokoszka, that teach powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, business-building strategies and live lead generation activities.

BOLD Technology: This program enables you to learn how to utilize all the technology, social media and other innovative ways to grow your real estate career. You attend three virtual classes and get all the skills necessary to integrate technology into your business.

MAPS training is truly on the cutting edge of real estate educational programs. They offer the training you need to be set apart from the crowd and make your own success in the industry. With programs such as BOLD, you learn from those who have already succeeded in real estate and get first hand access to the tools, skills and knowledge that led to their success.