With the new book from Gary Keller, KW Market Navigator: Vision and Opportunities 2010, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the hottest real estate trends.  Since the market is constantly changing, this informative publication will give you the actual facts and knowledge to be the local economist of choice.  It’s fun to read and will make it easy for you to incorporate valuable information into your buyer and seller campaigns.  Take a look at what is included.

  • Vision 2010 – a deep look at the state of the real estate market in the US and Canada, as well as what’s in store for both (designed around Gary Keller’s Vision Speech at the 2010 KW Family Reunion in New Orleans, LA)
  • An inside look at first-time home buyers in today’s real estate market
  • Three savvy strategies to ensure your clients sell their homes
  • A guide to the countless opportunities in the distressed property market and how to master the market of the moment

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