One of the most important things we teach our agents at Keller Williams Realty is to never give up, that real estate lead generation is a numbers game. Everyone gets rejected, so keeping a positive attitude and continuing to lead generate is essential to your success as a real estate agent. If you keep prospecting, you are guaranteed to see results. It may take 5, 10 or 15 calls to get a yes, but the bottom line is, there is always a yes coming, you just have to be persistent and go get it! Check out this video to see how a positive mindset can empower you to get the business you deserve.

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The Right Scripts And Dialogues

During your Ignite real estate agent training, you will be educated on the scripts and dialogues that you are going to hear from potential buyers and sellers. Don’t you think it’s better to go into the conversation with a positive response to their rebuttal? Of course so! Our training is built with you, the agent, in mind. Taking the habits of successful real estate agents and putting these fundamentals into a training package is what helps make Keller Williams the best place to build your real estate business.

The Right Business Model

Follow the best real estate business model in the industry.Just as having the right training to the best agent you can be is important, following a proven business model is just, if not more, important. Traditional real estate companies don’t really have a business model for agents, it’s more like, ‘Good luck, I hope you make it.’ They are more concerned about their own business to be worried about helping you find the right ways to run yours.

The Keller Williams business model is built with you in mind. There is no reinventing the wheel or getting super creative. All you have to do is follow the model and you will succeed.

Overall, succeeding in real estate isn’t difficult. It just requires consistency and time. With the right agent training and following the best business model in the industry, you will succeed at Keller Williams. It’s a numbers game and we show you how to beat the odds by following  our proven systems. Join us today!