If you’re not sure whether a career in real estate is for you, then take a look at this real estate job description. If this job description makes a real estate career sound attractive, then you just might be cut out for a career with Keller Williams Realty.

Real Estate Job Description

A real estate agent is a person who performs the following tasks and duties:

  • Studies property listings daily for the neighborhoods he/she serves
  • Interviews prospective clients (buyers and sellers) to uncover their real estate needs
  • Shows real estate to clients interested in buying
  • Discusses sales terms with clients
  • Presents contract terms to buyers and sellers on behalf of clients
  • Communicates with lenders, escrow companies, home inspectors, and other professionals to ensure that terms and conditions of a real estate transaction are met prior to closing dates
  • Conducts research on neighborhoods to be able to present the benefits to clients of living in those neighborhoods
  • Other duties as necessary to facilitate successful contract negotiations and sales closings

Successful Real Estate Careers Require Personality And Hard Work

Is real estate the career for you? If the above duties and responsibilities make you want to get your real estate training and join a brokerage, then you just may be ready for a real estate career. On the other hand, if it makes you turn up your nose, then perhaps you’d be happy doing something else.

Successful real estate careers are built upon personality, hard work, and knowledge built over time. If you’re ready, why not start today?