Choosing to become a real estate agent in these trying times can be both exciting and a little scary. However, if you choose the only firm that is actively making a profit and 100 percent debt free after the recent recession, it makes the transition much easier. Keller Williams offers you, as a potential agent, the real estate training you need to learn the skills to have a successful career. These facts alone make Keller Williams the best place to build your real estate career, even in a failing economy. As a real estate agent with Keller Williams, your salary is determined by more than just the hours you put in. Other factors that help determine the amount of money you can make as an agent include drive, ability and training. You can feel sure, if you use the Keller Williams real estate business model, that you will have the advantage over your competitors.

What Kind Of Salary Can You Expect As A Keller Williams Agent?

It is estimated that the median expected salary for a new agent will fall within the 30-40 thousand dollar range. However, with the education and training you get at Keller Williams, along with drive and plenty of ambition, you can easily make six figures with the company. In addition to unlimited real estate agent salary potential, the company participates in profit sharing where you earn a share of the office’s profits for any new agents you bring to the company. The Keller Williams firm believes that a hands-on approach to learning is the best way to jump start the career of a potential agent. The training tools available through their business model, technology and training is unmatched in the field. The real estate agent salary you earn is truly in your own hands and completely dependent on whether you take advantage of the resources Keller Williams has to offer. Join KW today!