When you begin your real estate career with Keller Williams Realty, the main question you may have is “How much do real estate agents make?” There are many sources that specify certain dollar amounts and have scales for those who are new agents and those who have been in the industry for a number of years. However, these numbers can be grossly inaccurate due to the fact that with Keller Williams the amount of money you can make is dependent on several factors, which include:

  • how hard you are willing to work
  • if you take advantage of the tools and education Keller Williams offers
  • if you bring new agents into the Keller Williams family

Maximizing your real estate salary potential

With Keller Williams Realty, agents work on a commission basis.

This means that the more leads they generate and sales they make, the higher salary that they will achieve. However, Keller Williams does not expect you to tackle the industry on your own. They offer several opportunities to access educational workshops, superior coaching and a team of experts who are willing to help at every step along the way. These real estate training and educational opportunities include:

  • Keller Williams University
  • KW Connect
  • MAPS
  • Agent Mountain

Keller Williams does not offer a concrete number on the real estate salary that you can earn. Instead, they provide you with everything necessary to take your career to to its fullest potential. The real estate training you receive through their company is truly invaluable and can help you on your path to unlimited real estate salary potential.