When you decide to obtain your real estate license, that is the first big decision you will make in regard to your real estate career. Next, you must choose which real estate brokerage to become part of. Unfortunately, new agents tend to make the decision based on three fundamentally wrong reasons:

  1. The office they choose is close to home.
  2. The have a friend who works at the office.
  3. They choose the office with the highest commission split.

These are not horrible reasons to join a brokerage, however, there are more important things to look for in the office you choose. Part of the realtor education you obtain at real estate school will enable you to make an informed and educated decision on the right real estate brokerage for you.

The Role of Your Realtor Education

Keep in mind, when you choose a brokerage to join, the realtor needs you more than you need them. You have hundreds of choices, so they should make it worth your while. This is exactly what Keller Williams Realty does. They not only offer you generous profit sharing opportunities, but allow you to continue your real estate training once you join the brokerage. Having a solid foundation to start your real estate career is vital if you wish to be successful in the industry.

Keller Williams Realty is founded on a proven business model to build your success and wealth. Your realtor education is the first stepping-stone in your real estate career path. Choosing a Keller Williams brokerage ensures your continued success in the industry.