When real estate brokers come to interview with us, one of the main questions that they have is, “What is the Keller Williams ALC?” It’s a perfectly logical question as Keller Williams is the only real estate company in Gig Harbor to employ the concept of an ALC.

What does ALC Stand for in Keller Williams?

Let’s first look at what the Keller Williams ALC stands for. ALC is short for Agent Leadership Council. The Agent Leadership Council is the “voice” of the agents within a Keller Williams office. In a traditional brokerage style, there is no agent voice. Agents do their business, and the owners handle the office operations and finances. Gary Keller had a broader vision than that, and he understood that agents drive the company, and they should have a voice in how the company is run.

What does the Keller Williams ALC do?

The concept is intriguing, but the real benefits come from learning what the Keller Williams ALC does. The ALC is typically comprised of agents who are in the office’s top 20% of production, and who display the proper character and leadership skills as well. There are various elements of office operations that the ALC oversees, such as office growth, finances, KW Cares, and technology, to name a few.

It is our belief that the agents have the best pulse on the market and the needs of the office, therefore the ALC is in place to make sure that the agents have the best and most relevant tools, systems, and technology in place to make sure that their businesses can be as successful as possible.

Basically, the ALC and the owners work together to form a true partnership. Agents can’t spend the owner’s money without owner consent, but similarly owners don’t make impactful¬†decisions without the agents’ consent, either.

Examples of the ALC at work

Here at the Keller Williams Gig Harbor office, there are several recent examples of the ALC at work. Despite ownership believing that our advertisement in the local newspaper was crucial, the agents were skeptical of paying thousands of dollars per month on print advertising. At the request of the ALC, the print ad was dropped, saving the office tens of thousands of dollars annually, and business has actually increased since that time.

The ALC has also renegotiated our office lease, saving thousands of dollars yearly, renegotiated our contract with our copier company, and developed several new advertising plans that not only cost little to nothing but have increased company exposure as well.

In a recent conversation with a broker from a competing Gig Harbor company, an agent lamented their office fees rising to help pay for the new flat screen TV’s that were placed throughout the office. Thanks to the Keller Williams ALC, this sort of thing could not happen here.

If you are interested in truly running a real estate business and not simply working at a job as a real estate sales person, the Keller Williams ALC is another reason why you need to consider us first.