When searching for the best places to work in Gig Harbor, WA, Keller Williams Realty is going to be at the top. When the economy is struggling, the temptation to simply take any job can be great. At Keller Williams Realty, however, you won’t be settling, you’ll be setting yourself up for a rewarding career in real estate.

Company Stability

One factor that defines a great company is stability. In an ever-changing economic climate, finding a stable company that you know will have the doors open each day is a must. Perhaps worse than receiving the dreaded pink slip is finding out that your company simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Keller Williams Realty is the second largest residential real estate company in North America, and remains the fastest growing real estate company despite the downturn in our national housing market. Simply knowing that we provide a solid and well respected national presence is one of the factors that makes Keller Williams Gig Harbor one of the best places to work.

Keller Williams Compensation Plans

Another important factor is compensation structure. Of all of the local real estate companies in Gig Harbor, none have a real estate compensation plan that is as advantageous to their brokers as Keller Williams has. Maybe a career in real estate hasn’t even been an option up to this point due to the commissioned pay system, but one look at the Keller Williams Gig Harbor compensation plan and you’ll begin to understand why more successful real estate careers are born here than any other brokerage.

Training and Education

All of the best places to work in Gig Harbor must offer top notch training and education. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate broker or just starting your career in real estate, having the most and the best training and education is paramount to your continued success. Real estate as an industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. Sadly, most real estate trainers and coaches haven’t. Keller Williams education and coaching continues to receive national awards and–more importantly–tangible results for the brokers and agents. Any fine company will provide outstanding training to ensure that you can maximize your potential, and Keller Williams’ training and education is second to none.

Company Culture

Perhaps the most overlooked element of a great company is the culture. Ask anyone who loves where they work, and you’re likely to hear that one of the things they love the most is the culture, or the environment, of their workplace. The Keller Williams culture is a defining element of who we are, and is the driving force behind what makes us one of the best places to work in Gig Harbor.

If you are looking for a stable company with a great compensation structure, one that will train you to be your best, and provides an environment that you’ll want to join, contact us to find out why Keller Williams Gig Harbor is among the best places to work.