Recently, a fantastic real estate career training day was held at the Keller Williams Gig Harbor office. In attendance were 79 real estate brokers representing several different real estate companies. The topics, ‘Listing Presentations’ and ‘Win-Win Negotiations’. Both courses were taught by Bruce Hardie, owner and mega-agent from Keller Williams Realty in Spokane, WA.

Keller Williams Training

There is a big difference between real estate career training and standard real estate education. Keller Williams training is widely acknowledged as the industry leader, and the recent classes in Gig Harbor are a perfect example of why. Standard real estate education tends to be short-sighted and often times irrelevant to today’s market.

Keller Williams Realty was recently named ‘Most Innovative Web Service’ by Inman News for the real estate technology, eEdge and makes it a point to stay on top of trends/needs of today’s real estate brokers. We are intent on training our brokers how to have a career in real estate, not simply to have a job selling homes. The tools, practices, and concepts that we teach all shape real estate brokers’ careers and set them up for long term success, regardless of market conditions.

Let’s look at an example from the ‘Listing Presentations’ course taught recently at the Keller Williams Gig Harbor office. Most real estate education surrounding listings deals with scripts for dealing with potential sellers; scripts that deal with price reductions and why a seller should list with a particular broker. Real estate career training not only deals with that, but also teaches the language of sales, the art of studying local market conditions, knowing the different personality types of your sellers and how to best educate them based upon their personalities and learning styles.

Online Real Estate Training

In addition to live training that is hosted weekly in the Keller Williams Gig Harbor office, and the special courses like the ones mentioned above, we offer an extensive library of online real estate training. We understand that not every broker, especially those just starting out and trying to juggle another job or a family, can attend the live training. That’s why we make our industry-leading education available to our associates 24/7. For a sampling of Keller Williams’ online training, take advantage of this KW Connect Guest Pass.

If you are looking to begin a career in real estate, or if you are already a real estate broker but you feel that you need more training, you need to visit the Keller Williams Gig Harbor office. There is no other real estate career training in Gig Harbor that can match what we offer, as evidenced by the huge turnout of brokers from all different companies at our most recent class. Come join us today!