When it comes to real estate technology, nothing beats the new Keller Williams eEdge program. As a real estate agent, it is important to know what it is you want technology to do for you and for your business. There is plenty of real estate technology available that is fun and flashy, but if it doesn’t increase production or generate leads, it doesn’t serve much purpose, does it?

What is Keller Williams eEdge?

The newest advance in real estate technology is the Keller Williams eEdge program. It’s a three-part tool designed to help Keller William Gig Harbor agents generate leads, manage and service those leads, and track and manage transactions once those leads have been converted into clients. In today’s climate, the prevalence of technology can be overwhelming, and the temptation to grab onto the latest and greatest gadgets can sink a real estate agent’s productivity.

eEdge is different in that it is directly relevant to production, and rather than simply being a “fun” or “slick” application that is exciting initially; it will pay immediate dividends into an agent’s business.  Let’s examine the three parts of this amazing technology in a bit more detail.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is perhaps the most beneficial use of real estate technology, and eEdge is designed to generate leads for Keller Williams Gig Harbor agents. Powered by industry leader Market Leader, “My Leads” provides immediate listing syndication to over 350 real estate search sites, and automatically places leads from those sites into the Keller Williams agents’ database, as well as automatically generating an immediate response.

The most important element of lead capture in real estate is timeliness, and this solution allows agents to respond to hot leads instantaneously, giving our agents the best opportunity to capture and convert the leads generated from our listings.

Real Estate Marketing

Another element of real estate technology that eEdge has mastered is managing and marketing to contacts. Generating leads is one thing, but following up with those leads is equally important. It provides Keller Williams agents with a contact management system that can automate marketing, ensuring that no lead ever falls through the cracks. Anyone in business will tell you that maintaining contact with clients is essential to success, and eEdge makes maintaining communication with clients nearly fool-proof.

Real Estate Transactions

Generating leads is essential. Following up with those contacts is crucial. The point of both of those activities is to generate business, to sell homes! eEdge has partnered with DotLoop to create My Transactions, a totally paperless, electronic signature system that brings all parties of a transaction into a seamless loop, ensuring that there are no miscommunication, lost signatures, or delays for out of area clients. The goal is to make agents’ and clients’ lives easier, and no other real estate technology makes things so convenient for agent and client alike.

Relevance of Real Estate Technology

Technology has to be relevant. If you are looking to begin a career in real estate, or if you’re a real estate agent who feels as though you don’t have the tools necessary to succeed, it’s time you consider joining Keller Williams Gig Harbor. Real estate technology such as eEdge is essential to running an efficient, relevant business.