Learn how to get your real estate license in ArizonaThe information below is a summary of the minimum education, experience and examination requirements for how to get your real estate license in Arizona. We recommend contacting the Arizona Real Estate Commission for more detailed information and for any changes that may have occurred in the licensing process or the steps in how to get your real estate license.

Follow These Steps To Get Your Arizona Real Estate License

1) Verify License Requirements On How To Get Your Real Estate License In Arizona

All applicants for an original Arizona real estate license shall show evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner:
  • Of the honesty, truthfulness, character and competency of the applicant.
  • That the applicant has not had a real estate license denied within one year, or revoked within two years immediately preceding the application.
  • That the applicant is at least 18 years of age when applying for a license.
  • That the applicant has completed prelicensure education course(s) prescribed and approved by the Commissioner of at least 90 classroom hours and has passed a school and state examination on the course.
  • All new salesperson licensees must also take a six-hour continuing education course in Contract Law and Contract Writing before they may activate their licenses.

2) Find An Arizona Real Estate School

Find a school to learn how to get your real estate license. Locate an Arizona Real Estate School.

3) File Your Application To Take Your Arizona Real Estate Exam

If you obtain your prelicensure education from an approved Arizona real estate school, the school will provide you with a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin (“CIB”). The CIB explains in further detail what you must do to take the State examination and apply for a license.

4) Schedule And Pass Your Arizona Real Estate Exam

After you complete the course and pass the school’s final examination, the school will issue a Prelicensure Education Certificate to you, verifying that you have met the prelicensure education requirement.  You may then contact the testing administrator, Thomson Prometric at (800) 899-4091 to register to take and schedule the State examination.  Examinations are given in Phoenix, Tempe, Goodyear, Casa Grande, Tucson and Flagstaff, and in other states around the country, by appointment only.

5) Set Up Your Interview With Keller Williams Realty

Once you have scheduled your real estate exam, contact us to set up your confidential interview. You owe it to yourself to see all that KW has to offer your new real estate career.