Learn how to get your real estate license in MarylandThe information below is a summary of the minimum education, experience and examination requirements for how to get your real estate license in Maryland. We recommend contacting the Maryland Real Estate Commission for more detailed information and for any changes that may have occurred in the licensing process or the steps in how to get your real estate license.

Follow These Steps To Get Your Maryland Real Estate License

1) Verify License Requirements For How To Get Your Real Estate License In Maryland

To qualify for a real estate salesperson license, an applicant shall be an individual who meets the requirements of this section.
  • An applicant shall be of good character and reputation.
  • An applicant shall be at least 18 years old.
  • An applicant shall have completed successfully a basic course in real estate approved by the Commission that does not require more than 60 clock hours of classroom instruction, includes a 3 clock hour course in real estate ethics approved by the Commission; or if approved by the Commission as an alternative, courses in real estate subjects in any college, including a 3 clock hour course in real estate ethics approved by the Commission.
  • An applicant shall pass an examination given by the Commission
  • An applicant shall obtain, from a licensed real estate broker, a commitment providing that the applicant shall become affiliated with the licensed real estate broker as a real estate salesperson on the granting of a real estate salesperson license to the applicant.
  • An applicant shall meet any other requirement that the Commission establishes to ensure that only individuals who are professionally competent and of good character and reputation are licensed.

2) Find A Maryland Real Estate School

Find a school to learn how to get your real estate license. Locate a Maryland Real Estate School.

3) File Your Application To Take Your Maryland Real Estate Exam

Submit your Real Estate License Application.

4) Schedule And Pass Your Maryland Real Estate Exam

Schedule your Maryland Real Estate Exam.

5) Set Up Your Interview With Keller Williams Realty

Once you have scheduled your real estate exam, contact us to set up your confidential interview.  You owe it to yourself to see all that KW has to offer your new real estate career.