Get the best real estate career advice via, The Office.The best real estate career advice you can get, whether you are a new or experienced agent, is to choose the right real estate brokerage. The market is constantly changing and if you are trying to use yesterday’s business practices on today’s clients, something is going to give and you will be left out in the cold. So many broker’s real estate career advice is to ask Jim, their top agent for the last 20 years, how to sell real estate. Jim really doesn’t have time to share his secrets to success with you and frankly, doesn’t want to; you are competition for the leads in the office with him and the shorter time you are in his way, the better.

You Drive The Success In Your Real Estate Career

Not at Keller Williams. We teach, we train and You Drive The Success. We are not focused only on the success of the brokerage, since the only way a company can succeed is by helping their agents thrive. If we focus all our energies into helping our agents to build their businesses, we all succeed in the long run. That is the real estate career advice Gary Keller took when he was growing his brokerage in Austin, Texas in the late 80’s and it has made Keller Williams the fastest growing real estate company in the industry. In all honesty, Keller Williams really isn’t described as a real estate company, rather a teaching, training and consulting firm that just happens to be in the real estate business. By giving our agents the best real estate agent training, combined with the culture of agents helping agents and a proven business model that works in every economy, we have emerged to be the brokerage of choice for a new generation. By making the agent the most important piece of the puzzle, we will soon be the largest real estate company in the country. So, the best real estate career advice is to go with the company that cares about your success and not just their own. Oh, and on the lighter side of things, Dwight from ‘The Office’ has some important words of wisdom that everyone should live by…join Keller Williams today!