The Keller Williams business model has been proven time and time again by creating successful agents through intensive training and coaching. By utilizing the proven business model, agents have access to a combination of those training techniques with highly appealing wealth building opportunities, state-of-the-art technology and a culture of caring that is unmatched in the field. However, what brings agents to this company over all the others? The answer is varied yet comes down to the fact that Keller Williams Realty offers their agents the opportunity to grow their careers with the guidance of seasoned agents each step of the way. There is no limit to the heights they are able to reach in their real estate career when a person joins the Keller Williams team.

Successful Agents are Made by Utilizing the Proven Business Model

There is no greater feeling than reaching goals in your real estate career. Each year hundreds of new agents are joining Keller Williams to experience the difference that the company has to offer. Many agents claim they joined KW Realty due to all the positive growth the company had during the economic recession. Others claim it was due to the camaraderie in the offices as well as the profit building opportunities. Some of the other reasons that agents chose Keller Williams include:

  • The availability of continuous training no matter how long you have been a real estate agent
  • No high-cost monthly fees
  • No competition among agents; everyone works together
  • Easy to achieve 100% commission status
  • Offers state-of-the-art technology
  • Profit sharing potential

The list goes on and on. Keller Williams is definitely a different type of real estate company that allows their agents to build their careers by utilizing the proven business model that is outlined step by step to ensure success in the industry.