The Keller Williams Family Reunion is a highly anticipated event that allows agents and brokers to socialize while learning from and inspiring each other. It is a yearly event where the average participation is around 10,000 guests.  The family reunion features a week long series of workshops, events and gatherings that allow each associate to learn how to achieve success in this industry.

What to expect at the Keller Williams Family Reunion

Each year attendee’s are guaranteed to learn new skills, tips and techniques that work for other agents as well as build on the real estate foundation they already have. Each year the founders of Keller Williams plan a week full of events that are both fun and educational for their agents.

Keller Williams Family Reunion is a well planned event that features special speakers as well as social events that should not be missed. Although you will learn extensive practices and techniques for improving your real estate career, you will also have the opportunity to visit and network with other agents in the Keller Williams family. Having these types of connections will also help you achieve success in the industry.

As an agent of Keller Williams you have access to several training programs that are unparalleled in this industry, such as MAPS, Ignite and KW University. The Family Reunion is just another way this company ensures their associates have the best support system that is available. It is no wonder that Keller Williams Realty has been at the top in the real estate field for so long, and continues to grow in a positive direction. They treat their agents and brokers as family and guide them each step of the way so that their success in guaranteed.