Knowledge is power! And with more than 200 breakout sessions, the education, training, tips and strategies were unstoppable at the recent Keller Williams Family Reunion. From leverage to leads to listings, the breakout tips for finding success in your real estate career were plentiful. There is no limit to what you can do in your real estate career when you take advantage of the training and education offered by this premier real estate company.

The Best Breakout Tips at Keller Williams Family Reunion

The advice, tips and suggestions were definitely flowing for agents who attended the family reunion. These words of wisdom from top producers in the industry provide agents with unparalleled insight to training and education that can truly help them find success.

Your clients aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to the level of service you provide.

“Don’t hire to the job. Hire to the ambition where you want to go. Hire people that want your job & won’t let you do their job.” GK

“Biggest mistake in hiring is not hiring someone who has the capability to hire other people. They should be detailed & intelligent” GK

“The most talented buyer agent will only leave if they don’t see you as a vehicle for their success.” Aaron Armstrong

“Don’t set goals just based on need.” GK

“Most wealth is built in a down market ” Jimmy McKissack

“A team of SPECIALISTS will always outperform a team of generalists” Aaron Armstrong Buyer Agent/showing specialist class

These tips that were provided at Keller Williams Family Reunion can help you pave your own path to success, with this extraordinary company.