A whole year goes by before this much anticipated annual event takes place, the KW Family Reunion. This is a time for agents to learn in a variety of ways, which will each benefit their real estate career in unique ways. However, the KW Family Reunion is not just a time for facts, information and new skills, but an opportunity for agents from all over to connect, relax and create lasting friendships that will help accelerate their career to the next level.

What the KW Family Reunion Offers You

Learning from each other is one of the many benefits that the KW Family Reunion has to offer agents. Some other benefits you will experience include:

  • Coaching sessions from the founders of KW Realty as well as special guest speakers who may bring a whole new perspective to your real estate career.
  • Training that is unique to the KW Family Reunion and not available at any other time.
  • An opportunity to grow, enhance and refresh the basic real estate skills that you possess.

The Family Reunion is one of those events that is anticipated and waited for each year. Additionally, each year the number of participants increases just showing how much this company is truly growing. Many agents have quoted that the Family Reunion as “career changing” and an “opportunity no KW agent should miss.” The truth is when you decide to pursue a career in real estate you should opt for the team that will stand behind you and provide unprecedented opportunities that will help you find success in both your career as well as your life.