Real estate agents who specialize in luxury homes sales usually earn more money than other agents and sell fewer houses. It’s not hard to understand why.

Luxury Homes Represent Top 10% Of The Market

You won’t find a luxury home in any market that sells for less than $500,000. That means one transaction per month will earn you a higher income than the national average. You could be a six-figure income earner just selling a single luxury home each month.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s every bit as challenging as any other real estate deal. In fact, it’s more challenging, and that’s why fewer real estate agents qualify for the Keller Williams Luxury Home Membership. Keller Williams wants to invest in agents who feel the energy and commit themselves to learning how to sell luxury homes.

One Closing Per Year Requirement

You are only required to close on one luxury home per year in order to maintain your Keller Williams Luxury Home Membership. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell other homes. You can still sell lower value homes and real estate, but you must close on at least one luxury home per year to stay in the club. A well-trained real estate agent will have no trouble selling one luxury per year. In fact, most agents do far more than that.

Access To The Best Real Estate Education Opportunities

Many Keller Williams agents specialize in luxury home sales. That’s all they do. It isn’t because they earn more money selling luxury homes. They do in fact earn more per transaction, but agents who specialize in luxury homes do so because they are well-trained, know the market, and have access to the best training aids in the business. How many more reasons do you need to join the Keller Williams Luxury Home Division?