Being a Keller Williams Realtor is one of the most rewarding professional experiences that many people say they’ve had. And there is more than one reason for this joyous happiness. The top 5 reasons people say they enjoy being a Keller Williams Realtor are:
  1. Real estate training – Keller Williams has the best real estate training for its work force, hands down. It includes MAPS Coaching, BOLD, KW Connect, Keller Williams University, and the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book. Don’t settle for less.
  2. Business model – Unlike many other real estate brokers, Keller Williams doesn’t spend its time and money promoting itself. Instead, Keller Williams helps build the business of its agents.
  3. Commissions – Keller Williams caps all its agents at a 70/30 commission split. Once you reach your cap, you’ll get to keep 100% of your commissions.
  4. Profit sharing – Keller Williams agents love the KW profit sharing plan. Their retirement is secure and they know it. Keller Williams cares about you, your family, and your business.
  5. Stability – Keller Williams is debt free, growing fast, and is the second largest real estate brokerage in North America. That spells stability for all its agents.
There is no better real estate broker than Keller Williams. Learn how to become a Keller Williams agent today.