The KW business model supports agents and brokers working as a team to maximize personal productivity and company profits. Unlike other agencies, Keller Williams promotes success through teamwork. They accomplish this by encouraging agents and brokers to share their best practices with each other and reward associates who help the company to grow. It is these industry-changing philosophies that have fueled the recent growth of Keller Williams Realty past older, more established companies to claim a top-four spot in the real estate industry.

The Practiced and Proven KW Business Model

The KW business model focuses on helping individual agents to build and grow their real estate careers. It does this by providing up-to-date market information and superior training for new tools and techniques, which increase productivity throughout the entire brand.

If you need more proof that this is a unique business model that works, consider these facts:

  • During the recent economic recession, Keller Williams Realty was the only real estate company to stay 100 percent debt free.
  • The company continues to attract agents, both new and experienced, to their family with the superior KW training that is offered.
  • The GCI (gross commission income) has increased each year.
  • The profit sharing program they offer is completely unique to any other in the industry, which alone attracts agents to the company.

Keller Williams Realty is the only company that has a business model that produces results such as those. It is no wonder hundreds of agents are joining KW each year, to be a part of one of the fastest growing companies in the field.