Word of mouth, cold calls and direct mail campaigns were the marketing strategies used by real estate agents only a decade ago. However, with the introduction of social media approximately a decade ago, marketing was transformed. Now the marketing strategies of successful agents at Keller Williams Realty are a combination of the strategies of the past and present. A union that has helped thousands of agents achieve success they never imagined.

Are You Using the Marketing Strategies of Successful Agents?

In today’s society you have to sell yourself to your customers. You have to let them know what you have to offer that is new, different or better than your competition. This can be an incentive for choosing you or just valuable information and reliable services. Your marketing plan should include factors such as embracing social media, as well as lead generation that is obtained through the “old time” effort of cold calling.

However, no matter what you implement, you must do it properly in order to truly succeed. For example, if you are going to have a social media presence as part of your business model (which is a definite must have) you need to ensure that this platform is not being used strictly for “selling.” Instead, focus on offering your customers something in the way of information and incentives in order to appeal to them. Also be present. Tailor your comments and questions to specific customers or inquiries. Simply using these sites for selling is the quickest way to lose your following.

However, social media is not the only marketing strategy that will help your real estate career. You should also use the marketing tools of the past, such as referrals and lead generation. You can customize your real estate business plan to what suits you and your customers best. This will also help you make the most profits possible.